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Listing Guideline

When using the app, please follow the listing guidelines for seamless trading and to avoid rejection of listings.

Step 1: To post a listing, click Post at the bottom of the app screen.

Your available eCash and free listings available for your plan will be shown. In case of shortage, please refill your Herbya Wallet.

Step 2: Click Next.

Step 3: Select “I want to Sell my Herb” or ” I want to Buy a Herb“. Click Next.

Step 4: Select the Herb by typing atleast three letters of the name of the herb and select the herb from the list. Click Next.

Step 5: Select the Part of the Herb. Click Next.

Step 6: Enter Quantity (Kg/Ton/Litre) and Enter Price per Kg/Ton/Litre

Step 7: Enter Description – Enter your terms of trade, payment terms, quality details, packing and delivery of the goods etc. Click Next.

Step 8: Enter Location Info – Select State, District, and Place. Click Next.

Step 9: If you are selling your herb, you will be asked to Upload a Photo of the Herb. You can upload upto 5 photos from your phone. Click Next.

Step 10: Confirm your Details.

Your listing will be checked and approved in few hours by Herbya Team.

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