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Launching Herbya

After months of efforts, we are launching Herbya 2.0 today.

This time Herbya is more functional, more effective, much more user friendly.

Thanks to Adi and Team in making this app for the Herbal Market. This marks a new milestone in the long history of Herbal Trading in India.

We are closer to the vision of making our country’s herbal industry tech enabled, savvy and scale to newer heights.

When the whole world is getting ready for the New Normal, Herbya is the New Normal of the Herbal Trading.

Please get the app from Playstore

Note: Special Thanks to the Herbya first version users. We have made the app much more better based on your feedback. Kindly re install the app and get 5000 credits to trade more using Herbya app.

Lets build Herbya together as a community. Bring more traders to this platform to know the real power of Herbya.

We wish every herbal stakeholder a prosperous year ahead!


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